The first phase of construction of Madrasa in Talebpur, Manikgonj, May – November 2022

Construction of Madrasa in Talebpur, Manikgonj

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh (Peace Be With You Brothers … Yaatim Foundation needs your support for completing the construction of Madrasa in Talebpur, Manikgonj, Bangladesh

 With Almighty Allah’s Grace, Yaatim Foundation started in 2022 to build the Madrasa on Talebpur village property. There are Seventy-Five (75) Female
Students who have been learning/memorizing the Quran since the beginning of 2021, Alhamdulilah (All Praise be to Allah). Moreover, Yaatim Foundation has been providing monthly food for almost a year to three other Madrasas since 2019 (i.e. Dawn of Covid-19) along with its female students as follows:

1. Irta Hifjul Madrasa
2. Talebpur Mohila Madrasa
3. Chor Irta Hifjul Madrasa


Yaatim Foundation is about to complete the first phase of the construction. However, the sustenance of such a massive project requires Continuous Support from Generous Friends and Families like you. We would appreciate it if you could donate (i.e., Sadaka, Zakat etc.) for such a noble cause using the payment methods listed on our donation page. Moreover, we humbly request you to spread the word to the world.